Exercise and Advice Programme -
Let's Get Moving

A programme designed by our physiotherapist Dave Egan.

David Egan physiotherapist Blackrock WeightCare

Exercise After Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a powerful weight-loss tool, but it is not a miracle cure.

To experience the best results after your surgery you will need to commit to a healthy diet and a consistent bariatric exercise regime so you can maximise your weight loss and feel better than ever.

The good news is that exercising after weight loss surgery comes with lots of benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery?

Maximise Weight Loss

Patients who exercise regularly do better after surgery and are more likely to maximise weight loss. Exercise also helps to eliminate fat but preserve muscle which is important in a time when weight loss can be rapid.

Exercise Makes Us Feel Good!

Exercise helps us all have more energy and feel better. Regular exercise can strengthen your heart and bones and boost your immune system.

Mental Health Benefits

As we exercise we release endorphins which can combat anxiety and depression. Suffering from obesity can have been a long and tough battle. Exercise can help deal with stress, anxiety after surgery and help our mindfulness.

Exercise Programme & Structure

How should I exercise after surgery?

Our physiotherapy sessions will give you advice on 3 key areas to focus on when exercising:

1. Cardio
2. Strength training
3. Flexibility

My exercise schedule after Bariatric Surgery

We are here to give you individual advice on how to exercise after surgery. Everyone is different and has different capabilities – so we are here to help YOU.

We suggest several phases and a gradual build up in your exercise capacity.

When will you see your Physiotherapist

When you are in hospital for your operation one of our physiotherapists will see you and give you advice on exercise in the weeks after surgery.

As part of your weight loss aftercare programme at Blackrock WeightCare you will have an appointment with physiotherapy when you return to see your surgeon and dietitian 6 weeks after surgery. At this physiotherapy appointment we can give you practical advice on exercise training which is right for you.

What if I would like further Physiotherapy or exercise sessions?

Our physiotherapy department can offer you further programmes of exercise and advice. These are charged for separately and are outside the appointments included in the 2 year aftercare programme.