Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

You may have had a weight loss procedure in the past or overseas which has led to insufficient weight loss or which has led to problems.

Ideal patient:

  • Patients with gastric band problems affecting quality of life.
  • Insufficient weight loss following prior gastric band and sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Severe reflux associated with sleeve gastrectomy.

Gastric Band?

After gastric bands many patients have problematic reflux and regurgitation limiting their quality of life. These can necessitate removal of the band. Simply removing the band is likely to lead to significant weight regain, often to the patient’s initial pre-band weight. Many people also just do not achieve the expected weight loss they initially hoped for.

Quick guide

Previous Sleeve?

Many patients may have insufficient weight loss following a sleeve gastrectomy, or even good initial weight loss and then later weight regain. A SADI-S procedure (which may also incorporate a re-sleeve) is often ideal in these circumstances.

Reflux after a sleeve gastrectomy can also be a major problem. Conversion to a gastric bypass in these patients provides immediate relief to the reflux and will provide some but at times limited further weight loss.

We can often help!

Sometimes further surgery is not wise and if this is our opinion we will tell you. A revisional procedure can be a good option to ensure optimum weight loss – our goal is always a healthy weight for you.

William Robb is an extremely experienced robotic surgeon who has trained extensively in the field of complex surgical procedures for weight loss, the oesophagus and the stomach. Robotic surgery is the optimal way to carry out difficult revisional surgery and maximises patient safety.

We are always happy to discuss what your various options may be. Your Health – We Care.

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