SUCCEED Programme - Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

The SUCCEED Programme incorporates the principles of intuitive eating, is dietitian-led and from a compassionate non-judgemental approach. This is available both as a pre-surgical and post-surgical option.

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This programme has been designed by our senior registered dietitian and is offered by our bariatric dietitian team to help clients improve their relationship with food. Sometimes, it can be challenging to differentiate between emotional hunger and physical hunger. This 4-session structured programme, led by the dietitian, will address this issue and also help you recognize your physical hunger, physical fullness, and challenge your food fears.

This is an additional dietetic service and costs €330.

Our Aim

Intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating helps you to connect with your body and recognise your true hunger fullness cues. This means deliberately checking in with your body prior to, during and following eating and reacquaint what body attunement feels like to you.

Be at peace with food

Challenge your food fears and learn how to separate emotional hunger from physical hunger.

Personalised to you

The SUCCEED programme is personalised and tailored to the individual. Everyone’s relationship with food and history with dieting is different. Your dietitian will take you through custom documents and guide you to heal your relationship with food.

The dietitian SUCCEED Programme Structure

Initial consultation

The initial appointment will last 1 hour.

You will then be scheduled for a further three follow-up appointments lasting approximately 30 minutes each.


The total cost of the programme is €330.

Payments is required in full before commencing or directly after first session.

Claim back % of the cost

A percentage of the total cost can be claimed back from your insurer.

Please check with your insurer as the amount you can reclaim will depend on the insurance policy you have.

SUCCEED Programme - Frequently Asked Questions

The SUCCEED programme is for anyone struggling with their relationship with food or disordered eating.

Emer offers dietetic assessments for people who are tired of using food to cope with their emotions and find it difficult to separate out physical hunger from emotional hunger. You will learn how to know if you are physically hungry and what satisfied comfortable fullness feels like. If you are struggling to connect with your body and want to learn more about nourishing your body as a basic form of self-care then this programme is for you.

It can be extremely beneficial to do this programme before your surgery and your psychologist may recommend completing this programme before you have your surgery. Pre surgery SUCCEED can help you to tackle emotional hunger that you may still feel after surgery. However the door to SUCCEED is always open and Emer has completed many successful SUCCEED programmes with clients who are years post-surgery and struggling with their emotional hunger, body image and connecting with their body.

  • The SUCCEED programme for surgical clients is a 4 session intervention each session spaced approximately 2 weeks apart
  • The sessions are tailored to each individual based on intuitive eating which is a form of attunement of mind, body and food and is characterised by eating in response to physiological hunger and satiety cues rather than emotional cues
  • Consultations are offered both in person and virtually via Zoom so it is whichever option is best suited to you
  • The initial session takes approximately 1 hour with three follow-up appointments lasting approximately 30 minutes each
  • At initial consultation Emer will do a thorough history of your relationship with food and assess your symptoms profile and aid you through a personalised healing of your relationship with food and your body

Once you book your appointment Emer will send you a short pre-assessment questionnaire. Other than this you do not need to bring or prepare anything for your initial session. Emer will provide a number of handouts and questionnaires for you to complete throughout the programme that will help you to reflect on your emotional connection to food.

The cost is €300 for the programme of 4 sessions. This is paid in full on the day of your initial consultation. If you have health insurance a percentage of the total cost can be claimed back from your insurer. Please check with your insurer as the amount you can reclaim will depend on the insurance policy you have.

Your psychologist or surgeon may refer you to this service however if you express interest directly with the team a referral is not necessary and you can self-refer for this service.

You can fill out the enquiry form below or you can also phone 01 206 4364 for more information or to book your consultation.

Dietitian SUCCEED Programme Enquiries