Insurance-Covered Bariatric Surgery

Ease your journey towards better health with a Bariatric Expert at Home

Discover the freedom to transform your life right here at home. Our bariatric surgery options, fully covered by most insurance plans, make it seamless and stress-free to start your journey toward health. With expert care in your local environment, getting the support you need has never been easier.

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    Reasons to Get Bariatric Surgery in Your Home Country

    Familiarity and Convenience

    Receive top-tier medical care at home with our highly experienced high volume surgical team without the need to travel far. Being close to home means being close to your support network of family and friends, which is invaluable during your recovery and beyond.

    Localised Care That Understands You

    Our local healthcare professionals are familiar with the specific health needs and challenges within our community. This insight allows for more personalised and effective treatment. Care at home means follow up at home maximising your chances of an optimal outcome.


    Save on the high costs associated with travelling for surgery. It is a misconception that surgery abroad costs less. If your health insurance covers your hospital stay, the costs of surgery and follow-up with Blackrock WeightCare will save you money when compared to the costs of travelling abroad. With insurance coverage, your financial worries are very significantly reduced, letting you focus on your health.

    High Standards of Care

    The private clinics in which Blackrock WeightCare provides surgery are the premier private hospital facilities in Ireland. Our healthcare facilities meet rigorous national standards, ensuring you receive the best possible care without compromising on quality or safety.

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