Mini-Gastric Bypass in Dublin

At Blackrock WeightCare we perform Mini-Gastric Bypass surgery using the da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system.

Expected excess weight loss: 


Average procedure time:

50 -90 minutes

Average length of hospital stay: 

2 nights post-surgery

Average recovery time:

2 weeks

When might a surgeon recommend gastric bypass surgery for me?

Your surgeon might recommend Roux-en-Y or Mini Gastric Bypass surgery to you depending on your Body Mass Index (BMI) and other factors. When you come for your consultation at Blackrock WeightCare, we will discuss your options with you.

Occasionally, individuals who have extremely high BMIs or significant medical comorbidities may not be suitable for gastric bypass surgery as it requires general anaesthesia. In these cases we may suggest alternative weight loss solutions, such as a course of medication or the placement of a gastric balloon to reduce weight and risks before surgery.

Mini gastric bypass bariatric surgery at Blackrock WeightCare in Dublin

Quick guide

A mini-gastric bypass is also known as a One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass as only one connection (anastomosis) is made, rather than two like the Roux-en-Y bypass. Mini-gastric bypass surgery is therefore a simplified version of the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. It’s also called an Omega-Loop Gastric Bypass.

The surgery involves reducing the size of your stomach, then connecting it further down the small intestine. This reduces the amount of food you can eat, and also changes your gut hormones to alter your appetite.

What are the results of a Mini-Gastric Bypass?

Sometimes, a mini-gastric bypass can provide you with slightly better weight loss than a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. However, it can sometimes result in reflux symptoms, which can happen after any bariatric surgery.

On average, 12 to 18 months after surgery you will lose 70-80% of the extra weight you’re carrying above your estimated normal body weight.

What happens during mini gastric bypass surgery?

Robotic SurgeryAt Blackrock WeightCare, we perform mini gastric bypass surgery robotically using the da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system under general anaesthetic.

During surgery, the stomach size is reduced and connected by a single join to the small intestine, about 150-200cm further down. This means that anything you eat bypasses the duodenum and the first section of the small intestine. This results in feeling fuller sooner, which cuts down on calories consumed and ultimately, weight loss. Again, you will be required to take a daily multivitamin and some other supplements after this operation.

Your surgeon will discuss which weight loss surgery might be right for you.

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