Raffi T

Raffi T Blackrock WeightCare Surgery Journey

These people change lives!

I’m not sure how aware they are of the impact this surgery has on patients, well, professionally they do – but they’ve never been on this side judging by how fit (and thin!) they all are 🙂

The transformation this surgery generated in me is just amazing. And I’m not talking only about physical transformation (I lost 79kg, 12.4 stones, in just less than a year and six months, and maintaining it!), but the energy that I have and the feeling I have about myself, the rediscovery of myself, the fact that I started loving myself again, taking care of myself with a vitality I haven’t felt since I was 20. Man, that was 37 years ago… think about that for a second.

The team – my team!
Yes, they take care of me so much that I do feel like they are my team. They do that with every patient (the support group I belong to has so many patients of theirs, and all of them seem to feel the same way) but they have the uncanny ability of making it all about you. There is the surgeon, Mr. Robb, Emer the dietitian, Deborah the practice manager, Dr. Fallon the psychologist, and Dr. Zamuner the endocrinologist, plus the physiotherapist.

Mr. Robb
Mr Robb. is a tall man with a contagious smile. He is a genius at what he does. Thanks to his masterful use of the Da Vinci robot through which he performs surgery, he can be so precise that the pain after surgery is minimal when comparing my story with that of other patients operated upon by other surgeons who use other techniques. My scars were almost invisible 3 months afterwards, and impossible to see today. Mr Robb will set for you an achievable goal, which in my case I surpassed by 25kg.

Amazingly (for me!), at the first checkup Emer said I should be eating a little more carbohydrates to balance the diet. Also, she insisted on me having 4 to 5 little meals per day – even if just a spoonful or two of yoghurt as a snack. That I found so difficult to do at the beginning.
Warning! Soon after the surgery and afterwards, I could manage sliding foods, so it’s not just a matter of relying on the surgery for losing weight but a good bit of willpower is needed (yes, and going forward for the rest of your life).

There’s not enough space here for me to write also about the rest of the team, but rest assured that Mr Robb has assembled the most incredible group you can find.

I would have never thought that I’d be able to post a “before” and “after” picture in my life… if you’re in the same boat please look at these 2 pictures – even I could not tell they are of the same person… me!!!

If I could do this, then YOU CAN!