Gastric Sleeve Surgery Before and After results William Robb & Blackrock WeightCare

After having my first child in 2017 I really struggled with my weight, I was miserable, I tried every diet you could think of and even went on prescription diet pills. Not going to lie everything I tried worked for the first little while but then stopped. I was depressed and felt defeated. I felt like a failure to myself and my kids. I went to my GP in the hopes he could help me give it one last try. On my visit, he recommended that I look into having a Gastric Sleeve. I went home and after researching the gastric sleeve I made the decision that this was for me! My GP sent a referral to Dr William Robb. This moment changed my life forever!

On the 19th of January 2022, I underwent Gastric Sleeve surgery in Blackrock WeightCare. The surgery was performed by Dr William Robb. From my first appointment in September 2021, Dr Robb and his team were amazing! From talking to Dr Robb, Emer, Niamh and the dietician team to Dr Robb’s secretary Deborah, I was made feel so comfortable and supported. If I had any questions all I had to do was send an email and within a day all my questions were answered and still a year on they are only an email/call away. The day of my surgery came quickly. I was brought in the early morning and before l knew it was taken down to the theatre. Everyone was so friendly and introduced themselves. I was instantly put at ease. I woke up in my room with the nurses in making sure I was ok and if I needed anything. If I felt any pain the nurses were right there to help in any way they could. I’m nearly sure I made them go out of stock with the number of heat pads that I went through while I was there! That evening Dr Robb came by to make sure I was feeling ok. I was kept for a total of 3 days, and on the 3rd day they were happy to let me go home. The care, while I was in the hospital, was outstanding. While there I never panicked as they were always there to reassure me everything was ok and even help me hobble to the bathroom and sit me on the loo! I was treated with such dignity and kindness from the nurses to the physiotherapist to the dieticians.

The aftercare of surgery was just phenomenal, Deborah was and is such an amazingly friendly woman who is just a delight to talk to when organising my appointments! Dr Robb was so supportive during every appointment I’ve had with him. Any questions I had he had an answer for and if he wasn’t 100% on his answer he would get back to me after doing research on the questions I asked to make sure he was giving a correct answer. I actually cannot praise him enough for what he has done for me! Dr Robb gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful! While attending my follow-up appointments with Dr Robb I also attended dietitian appointments with Emer and Niamh. They would make sure that I was keeping on track, food and water-wise and would also guide me in the right direction with what to eat and not eat. I always came out of these appointments feeling good about myself and delighted with the information I got from them!

I get my blood tested every 6 months since the surgery and these are checked by another dietitian Dr Matilde Zamuner. During my appointment, she would go through all my blood results and tell me where they should be and where they are. She would go through all possibilities of why for example my iron could be in the low range which was down to heavy periods at the time. Dr Zamuner would then suggest ways on bringing any of my blood that is low back up.

All in all my experience from start to finish was next to none! I cannot recommend Dr Robb and his team enough! I am now living my life instead of just existing in it!

I also decided to document my journey on Instagram in the hopes of helping anyone thinking or going through the same thing.   is my user name if anyone would like more information