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Having been diagnosed with PCOS at 11, I can say I had been on a diet of some kind every year ever since and failed to maintain whatever loss I achieved and continued to gain more and more as I grew older.

I had considered Bariatric surgery first in 2013 but following a consultation with a surgeon who made me feel deeply uncomfortable I parked the idea and went back to the habitual cycles of diet/ exercise/weight loss followed by further weight gain.

When I finally felt this was limiting my life, I started doing research on both looking for options in Ireland and abroad.

Dr Robb was one of two Irish surgeons I planned to meet. From my first interaction with Deborah, who helped me organise the consult and check that my insurance would cover the surgery, I was met with a very friendly and welcoming attitude.

In the end, I choose Dr Robb, because he was reassuring yet very open and honest about the surgery and the potential results and setbacks, I felt heard and understood.

Everything came together quite quickly and from my first appointment to the operation it only took a few months. Having the support of Emer and Niamh after the operation as I adjusted to my new normal was incredibly reassuring. They were always at the end of the phone when needed and incredibly responsive to any request.

The other big factor was the fact that the Blackrock clinic facilities are fantastic and that provided me peace of mind in case anything should go wrong. I am 13 months post-op, I have lost 74kg so far and am delighted with the choice I made! Cannot recommend Mr Robb and his team enough!