Derek Dunne

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Gastric surgery preformed in Ireland is an often-overlooked option for those seeking weight-related assistance. I was referred to Mr. Robb when getting advice on other weight related matters. I was previously unaware of the comprehensive support and services available domestically in Ireland for gastric surgery. From my initial phone conversation with Deborah, I was provided with a detailed overview of the process, supports, and multidisciplinary approach employed by Mr. Robb and his team, including surgeons, nutritionists, physiologists, endocrinologists, and physiotherapists, all dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for me. After one year, I had lost 10 stone and now experience increased energy levels, improved sleep and enhanced mobility. I was also able to discontinue certain weight related medications and engage in outdoor activities that I had previously believed were beyond my capabilities.

From a holistic well-being perspective, this journey has been transformative. I now possess greater confidence in my appearance, abilities, and future aspirations. While some may perceive this journey as courageous, the unwavering dedication and support provided by Mr. Robb’s team made it a far less daunting endeavour. If you are considering gastric surgery, I highly recommend speaking with the Blackrock Weightcare team before making a final decision. They will provide you with an understanding and appreciation of the supports and guidance they offer before you ever commit to surgery. Going forward with that support and guidance makes the journey positive, less daunting and make reaching your goals achievable.