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I had a bariatric sleeve done in 2022 at age 61, so I would be one of the older patients. During my 50’s I put on 6 stone through medical problems, menopause, and covid. My weight was becoming so hard to carry and my blood tests showed I was moving into diabetes. I did the research about the surgery and my GP recommended Dr William Robb. Firstly, I was so grateful not to be judged about my weight found understanding. His team is great and there is no problem asking any questions, they are available any time you would need to talk.

I had my surgery in the Hermitage Clinic, Dr. Robb is working there now, and I have lost 5 stones in 6 months. I was sore for about 2 weeks but I would not hesitate to do this, the results are very rewarding. This has made such a difference to me and I feel younger. I’m on half of my blood pressure tablets and should be off them when I lose all of the weight. Also, I have stopped taking the statin as my count is 3. It’s great to get into clothes you thought you would never fit in again. Even shoes fit better. Walking and moving are so much easier. It’s so much harder to lose weight when you get older and my BMI was 47 so I had to do something or my retirement was going to be about illness.