Asthma Triggers in Obese Patients: How Bariatric Surgery Can Help


Asthma can be particularly challenging to manage in individuals struggling with obesity. The extra weight not only intensifies asthma symptoms but complicates their overall management. Here we will explore the unique challenges faced by obese patients with asthma, delve into the triggers exacerbated by excess weight, and discuss how bariatric surgery can serve as a […]

Bariatric Surgery may help overcome the challenges of Knee Surgery in Patients with Obesity

Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is a crucial intervention for patients suffering from severe knee problems, including arthritis and injury-induced damage. However, for super-obese patients, traditional knee surgery presents unique challenges that can complicate both the procedure and the recovery process. This blog explores the obstacles associated with performing knee surgery on patients living with obesity and discusses […]

Introducing the SADI-S Bariatric Surgery Procedure to Ireland: Blackrock WeightCare

SADI-S Bariatric Surgery Procedure

Blackrock WeightCare, a leader in innovative bariatric surgery solutions, is excited to announce the launch of the SADI-S procedure in Ireland. This significant advancement in bariatric surgery is led by Consultant Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon, Mr. William Robb M.D., F.R.C.S.I., who brings this cutting-edge technique to Irish patients for the first time. The SADI-S (Sleeve Gastrectomy […]

SADI-S versus Sleeve Gastrectomy in Patients with BMI over 50

Robotic SADI Procedure with Blackrock WeightCare

The disease of obesity is affecting millions of people worldwide. It is a chronic disease that increases the risk of developing other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Bariatric surgery is a fantastic treatment option for people struggling with obesity and its psychological and medical consequences. Sleeve gastrectomy and SADI-S are two […]