Does my private health insurance cover bariatric surgery?

Does my private health insurance cover bariatric surgery

Does my private health insurance cover bariatric surgery? …. Most patients are surprised to hear the answer is YES !!

In Ireland, if you have private health insurance and you meet the general criteria in international guidelines to qualify for weight loss/metabolic/bariatric surgery, then the chances are your health insurance will cover the cost of surgery.

This seems to be a hidden secret! Many patients with health insurance continue to seek out surgery overseas rather than using the insurance they have often paid for over many years. Call us at Blackrock WeightCare and we will check your insurance coverage for you.


To qualify for weight loss surgery your surgeon will need to demonstrate to your insurer the following:

  1. You have a BMI over 40,
  2. Or have a BMI over 35 and have a serious health condition such as Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnoea, or High Blood Pressure.
  3. You have tried non-surgical weight loss methods for at least six months – but have failed to achieve or maintain that weight loss.

Qualifying for weight loss surgery – often the most successful treatment for obesity – is simple, and in many circumstances, your insurance will pay for it! Sure, all patients have to go through a process of evaluation by our multidisciplinary team but we
make this straightforward. We are focused on giving you the best treatment for obesity – surgery. Check your BMI with our BMI Calculator HERE.

Any patient can call or email their health insurance policy number to check their coverage for the following procedure codes:

  • 181 for Gastric Bypass
  • 183 for Gastric Sleeve

Are you thinking of bariatric surgery? Have it at home in Ireland. Contact us for an appointment.

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